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Since 2019 we have been a community in collaboration with several breeders from Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Russia and Argentina.

We started selecting queens of the Ligustica breed and adjusted VSH and color accordingly.

We offer queens from a selected breeding of Ligustica bees and the beloved Cordovan.

The selection was carried out with many experiments with Argentine, Scandinavian & Italian queens and drones. The goal has been achieved but there is no end, it goes on and on so that all the characteristics fit.

Ligustica bees are noticeable from afar due to their extensive, bright yellow coloring.

Like no other bee in Europe, the Italian bee is characterized by at least 2 light orange abdomen rings; often the entire abdomen is yellow except for the tip.

The queens of the Ligustica are uniformly orange in color without any dark markings on the abdomen. This characteristic makes them easily recognizable among the people.

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